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The highest temperature ever recorded in Spain, August 14, 2021

Author: Vibor Cipan Published on: August 22, 2021, and filed under Climate and weather
  • On August 14, in Montoro (Córdoba), thermometers recorded sweltering 47.4 °C
  • On August 16, Spain's official sources confirmed it as a new national record
  • It "improved" previous record from 2017 by 0.1 °C
Montoro (Córdoba) sets the highest temperature record for Spain on August 14, 2021. Location of Montoro (Córdoba) on OpenStreet Map

Following the latest heatwave that has struck Europe in 2021, Spain got its new national record for the highest temperature ever recorded. On August 14, 47.4 °C was recorded in Montoro, beating the previous record from 2017 by 0.1 °C.

What’s the highest temperature ever recorded in Spain?

Just several days after Italy reported its newest temperature record, which, if confirmed, will also become Europe’s highest temperature ever recorded, record, Spain improved its national record.

On August 14, in Montoro (Córdoba), thermometers recorded sweltering 47.4 °C. This beats the previous record set in 2017 by 0.1 °C.

Spain’s AEMET (National meteorological service) confirmed this as the new highest ever recorded temperature in Spain. Here is their tweet from August 16, just two days after the record was set:


More temperature records

While we are still waiting for WMO to officially confirm Europe’s new highest temperature, the record from Athens, set on July 10, 1977, remains the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe.

You can check the map and list of Europe’s highest temperatures ever recorded for every country. We updated the map and the table to reflect a new record from Spain. If WMO confirms Europe’s new record, we will update the table and list once again. You can also check out the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.


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