viborc.com is a fruit of passion for all things data, analytics, and visualization. It started as a personal digital storytelling project covering topics like elections, the COVID-19 pandemic, and creating linguistic and related maps.

However, in the ever-changing world, the general idea of this website evolved with it. While staying true to its “all things data, visualization, and analytics” approach – viborc.com is expanding to related areas. With a brand new site built from scratch, viborc.com is ambitiously positioning itself as a growing and innovative web property.

Our mission is to deliver fact-based, trustworthy, easy-to-understand news and stories. Be it more in-depth coverages of elections and politics or brief but informative and insightful shorter articles – we will strive to deliver engaging, insightful, and useful content.

Our vision is to grow into a top-of-the-mind web destination when looking for data visualization and analysis related to politics and elections, economics, climate, and other everyday topics.

The values we hold dear are curiosity, honesty, innovation, sharing, integrity, fact-based reporting, and inclusivity. Our inclusivity refers to people and ideas regardless of their political and other affiliations. We are non-partisan, which puts us in an excellent position to develop and cover stories without partisan and overly ideological angles. This, however, does not mean that we will not advocate for specific policies and initiatives. But when we do so, it will be because we believe in them and not because someone wants us to.

We will experiment with different forms and types of content, from more in-depth long reads to briefer, easy-to-digest, smart pieces. We will also try out new formats and channels to reach even more exciting and valuable people just like yourself.

At the moment, we don’t have external funding. We depend on our private funds and in-kind contributions. A minor part of our income comes from ads or affiliate marketing. We use those funds to pay for our servers, infrastructure, and software. We kindly ask you to disable your ad blocker to support us. We get it – ads can be intrusive, and we hope your experience on our website will not suffer because of them. We do, however, offer the ability for you to advertise with us. Get in touch to learn more about those options, and possibly we’ll be able to work together.

Thank you for taking the time to visit us and learn from viborc.com. Feel free to learn more about our terms of service, privacy policy , or reach out and get in touch with us.

Take care and stay safe!